Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some Pictures of these beauties >:3

I guess I lied, I had a working camera after all. Here are the pictures of the fabrics.

Like I said the labcoat one is super pretty but it bled in some places which made me rather sad but at least I will be the one dude out of hundreds that has a lab coat that isn't lame in concordia's biochem program.

And these are the napkins my grandmother will be receiving on thanksgiving night. Hopefully my mother doesn't spoil the suprise before then ;).

The napkins were more plastic on one side than the other so it bleed and streaked. I managed to fix them up pretty good so I am happy. I had to do heavy duty inking though because I wanted both sides too like equal instead of the lame half image one one side. They look good and hopefully she likes them (*if not I will have to steal them back*)

Sneak peek of what I am going to do for father =3

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