Monday, November 24, 2008

My plan for 24/11/08 - 25-12-08

This christmas is going to be a very interesting christmas. The economic crisis has many worried, and after many heavy purchases this year, I plan to go lightly on gifts. A lot of people consider my art work above average and most people are suprised that I am not pursuing an art education but the parents have decided that it would be a waste of my intellect. After having decided that biochemistry is not for me it looks like I am being lined up to be trained in architecture. Since I am currently not in school I have plenty of time to make gifts for christmas between now and said date. So I think I will get a few strips of fabrics and print some designs onto them and give them to friends. They can use them for whatever they wish, or what I hope, to display them somewhere. Anyway here is the tentative work list I plan to do. For this christmas I am going to use pre designed ones that are not neccisarilly my own. While I may not be in school I am mad busy none the less and pre made ones would be better since I know the desighn will work better than making one from scratch.

David Babcock - Gangster Design - Black
The reason I chose a gangster for david is because he has always been interested in them. My most fond memory with him would have to be his birthday party in calgary where him and I dressed up as gangster for his theme party. I showed him the design on paper and he seemed to like it.

Geoffrey Forget - Haku from Naruto - Black, with red for the mask
The reason I chose haku is because of ultimate ninja 3, a video game we would play non stop. My favourite character was haku so I thought he would like that... nothing like down+down+O.

Jarret Schrader-Balson - Either Rommel, German Tank, or GasMask - black
I can't decide on this one but I think the most probabl would be the gasmask design I have found on the web. I think he will get a kick out of it if I put "I'll meet you at the stadium" under it.

Sean Spence - Supra - Green/Blue
He likes cars... enough said.

Chris Ghersinich - Master Chief - Green
We used to play a lot of halo at his house when he had crazy sleep overs.

Evan Boyce - Hello Kitty - black with red bow
He always had hello kitty things in high school so why not make him one.

Davis Mitchel - Techno Girl - Pink
Friend made this logo (top right) and I like it enough to use it as a design. I think Davis would like it on a black vevlet material.

Ms. Lewis - Wolf - Black
She taught me how to silk screen so making a small token of appreciation for when I am back in calgary for christmas.

The next few are going to be made for when I go down to New Jersey for /American/ Thanksgiving. I plan to make them withing the next two days so I better haul ass.

Grandmother - Fighter Planes - Amethyst
She was a fighter pilot and since I won't see her for a while I want to make it for her right away.

Cousin Kim - Something - Some color
Her graduation is coming up so if I don't get it done for now it will be done for grad.

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