Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Double Failure or Double Success?

So I made two quick screened fabrics today.

The first one was on the back of my university lab coat, it was the test of the techno girl stencil. While it still looks fantastic the stencil was somewhat too fine and some details were smudged or it bled. With some brush work it looks great, so I think I will indeed make Davis a print of it for christmas. Too bad the stencil ripped, but knowing what I do now I can better make it next time. Overall I would call it a minor victory.

The second print was a set of napkins. I am supposed to leave later tonight to go down and spend /AMERICAN/ Thanksgiving with my familly. My grandmother just had her birthday and I wasn't able to attend so this will be her birthday gift. The design was a simple wolf head stencil i had found on the web, and I used the same deep red for it as i did the techo girl (on my labcoat). The napkins were cheaply made so the fabric ink bleed and went all over the place. 1 napkin was perfect 2 were smudged, and the fourth was the least favorable. Once again touched them up with brush work so they look much nicer. 3/4 Succesfull

I know the blog seems kinda empty without pictures but my camera is dead. My dad is in town tonight so I will borrow his and take some pictures of the familly and the two printings I have made.

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