Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some Pictures of these beauties >:3

I guess I lied, I had a working camera after all. Here are the pictures of the fabrics.

Like I said the labcoat one is super pretty but it bled in some places which made me rather sad but at least I will be the one dude out of hundreds that has a lab coat that isn't lame in concordia's biochem program.

And these are the napkins my grandmother will be receiving on thanksgiving night. Hopefully my mother doesn't spoil the suprise before then ;).

The napkins were more plastic on one side than the other so it bleed and streaked. I managed to fix them up pretty good so I am happy. I had to do heavy duty inking though because I wanted both sides too like equal instead of the lame half image one one side. They look good and hopefully she likes them (*if not I will have to steal them back*)

Sneak peek of what I am going to do for father =3

Double Failure or Double Success?

So I made two quick screened fabrics today.

The first one was on the back of my university lab coat, it was the test of the techno girl stencil. While it still looks fantastic the stencil was somewhat too fine and some details were smudged or it bled. With some brush work it looks great, so I think I will indeed make Davis a print of it for christmas. Too bad the stencil ripped, but knowing what I do now I can better make it next time. Overall I would call it a minor victory.

The second print was a set of napkins. I am supposed to leave later tonight to go down and spend /AMERICAN/ Thanksgiving with my familly. My grandmother just had her birthday and I wasn't able to attend so this will be her birthday gift. The design was a simple wolf head stencil i had found on the web, and I used the same deep red for it as i did the techo girl (on my labcoat). The napkins were cheaply made so the fabric ink bleed and went all over the place. 1 napkin was perfect 2 were smudged, and the fourth was the least favorable. Once again touched them up with brush work so they look much nicer. 3/4 Succesfull

I know the blog seems kinda empty without pictures but my camera is dead. My dad is in town tonight so I will borrow his and take some pictures of the familly and the two printings I have made.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My plan for 24/11/08 - 25-12-08

This christmas is going to be a very interesting christmas. The economic crisis has many worried, and after many heavy purchases this year, I plan to go lightly on gifts. A lot of people consider my art work above average and most people are suprised that I am not pursuing an art education but the parents have decided that it would be a waste of my intellect. After having decided that biochemistry is not for me it looks like I am being lined up to be trained in architecture. Since I am currently not in school I have plenty of time to make gifts for christmas between now and said date. So I think I will get a few strips of fabrics and print some designs onto them and give them to friends. They can use them for whatever they wish, or what I hope, to display them somewhere. Anyway here is the tentative work list I plan to do. For this christmas I am going to use pre designed ones that are not neccisarilly my own. While I may not be in school I am mad busy none the less and pre made ones would be better since I know the desighn will work better than making one from scratch.

David Babcock - Gangster Design - Black
The reason I chose a gangster for david is because he has always been interested in them. My most fond memory with him would have to be his birthday party in calgary where him and I dressed up as gangster for his theme party. I showed him the design on paper and he seemed to like it.

Geoffrey Forget - Haku from Naruto - Black, with red for the mask
The reason I chose haku is because of ultimate ninja 3, a video game we would play non stop. My favourite character was haku so I thought he would like that... nothing like down+down+O.

Jarret Schrader-Balson - Either Rommel, German Tank, or GasMask - black
I can't decide on this one but I think the most probabl would be the gasmask design I have found on the web. I think he will get a kick out of it if I put "I'll meet you at the stadium" under it.

Sean Spence - Supra - Green/Blue
He likes cars... enough said.

Chris Ghersinich - Master Chief - Green
We used to play a lot of halo at his house when he had crazy sleep overs.

Evan Boyce - Hello Kitty - black with red bow
He always had hello kitty things in high school so why not make him one.

Davis Mitchel - Techno Girl - Pink
Friend made this logo (top right) and I like it enough to use it as a design. I think Davis would like it on a black vevlet material.

Ms. Lewis - Wolf - Black
She taught me how to silk screen so making a small token of appreciation for when I am back in calgary for christmas.

The next few are going to be made for when I go down to New Jersey for /American/ Thanksgiving. I plan to make them withing the next two days so I better haul ass.

Grandmother - Fighter Planes - Amethyst
She was a fighter pilot and since I won't see her for a while I want to make it for her right away.

Cousin Kim - Something - Some color
Her graduation is coming up so if I don't get it done for now it will be done for grad.

So why make a blog at 4:30 A.M.

I am a student currently trying to figure out what to do with his life in university. While I am busy running around getting engulfed in my all consuming life, I find peace in artwork. While I do mostly drawings in graphite medium this blog will probably be more focused on my silk screening. I was fortunate to have been able to learn silk screening at an early age and because of this, it has left a profound impact on me. In my university I make shirts designs on the side to finance my art funds (for other mediums, food, etc.), I also make political statements, and I also make simple designs as gifts or for my own collection. I plan to document all this over the next few years as I continue my studies. Expect this to get busy as we race torwards christmas.